Power supply with environmental energy

Energy and Power in harmony with the environment

Clean energy and power

Energy and Power in harmony with the environment
Power and energy these days can be environmentally friendly in many ways. It is important that the sources are environmentally friendly, thus belong to the so-called renewable energies.
These include the bio, wind, geothermal, solar and so-called combined heat and power plants. 

Bio-energy or green power is the name for this way gained power. Nor can it can promote such energy systems: combined heat and power plants, for example, provide income, as the excess of the personal consumption current can be fed into the public electricity grid and grid operators pay per feed. This was one of the reasons that were prepared in the past, increasing numbers of users, won on electricity and energy use from renewable energy sources.

However, this has to do with the actual green electricity is not directly something for so they called the energy ultimately derived through environmentally friendly production systems. One example is the so-called thermal power stations, such as cogeneration plants, operated by biogas or wood chips. Other options are the well-known solar systems, which are found on private and public building roofs.

A few years ago the reputation of green electricity was bad. It was alleged that a large part of sales of green power energy is quite normal prop produced energy coming from power plants that are not environmentally friendly. In order to curb these practices, the legal requirements were tightened and the whole process more transparent. So if you now want to sell green power, must comply with very strict rules. It is here also controlled and certified accordingly: for example, there is a seal of approval or founder-power label (GSL) and the sign for ok-Power.

Clean energy and power : Energía y potencia : Az energia és a hatalom


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